From the homeland of the first probiotic Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Noviotic specializes in the production of high quality probiotics and probiotic supplements, designed with a new approach to modern health: “created by nature, inspired from century-old tradition, and backed by cutting-edge science”.

Committed to research and development of a science based, category-leading new probiotic formulas that are safe and effective. Our probiotics implement new achievements of the microbiome concept to promote optimal gut health, immune function and overall wellbeing.

Noviotic brand offers cutting-edge probiotic science, combining perfect combination of scientifically proven PREBIOTICS, PROBIOTICS AND POSTBIOTICS resulting in NEW GENERATION SYMBIOTICS offering novel solutions to health related issues.

Our probiotic solutions have applications in various industries. They can be implemented in production of functional foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, dietary/health supplements and nutraceuticals.

As a boutique enterprise we offer a personalized service helping you develop custom blends containing clinically proven active ingredients and guided by safety standards. We support you every step of the way: from the selection of probiotic strains, addition of other ingredients to helping you develop your own products and brand.
You can have access to our panel of health experts consisting of scientists, medical doctor, microbiologist, pharmacist, dietitian, which make sure to work closely with Universities, Science Academies, Research Institutes and Health Authorities worldwide to keep up with the latest trends and scientific updates.

From the homeland of the first known probiotic, Noviotic can be your strong business partner if you are looking for innovative products, tailored solutions or a competitive advantage in the probiotic health market.