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Digestive health is now a top priority for nearly 8 in 10 global customers. More than 50% of them are carefully choosing natural and proven products to help support their digestive health.

Noviotic offers a comprehensive collection of clinically proven and scientifically validated probiotics strains. All our products start from the careful selection of natural, NON-GMO healthy bacteria, isolated from the homeland of the world's first probiotic-Bulgaria.


NOVIOTIC™ probiotics are designed as a new approach to modern health. “Created by nature, inspired from century-old tradition, backed by science”.


Noviotic professionals offer a personalized service and work closely with customers to help them develop products and achieve their goals. As a boutique company, we offer easy access to our research and development team, which will work with you every step of the way.

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Our R&D department has the experience and skills to meet the requirements and needs of manufacturers, so that they can adequately respond to consumer demands.

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In the conditions of a pandemic, there is a new danger - permanent dysbiosis in the gut microbiota. Which if not overcome in time can lead to over 200 different medical problems, that completely determine our health status.

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